Sally’s Sunday Night Update


As another week draws to a close I have been contemplating my little blog adventures over here, which I am absolutely loving.

What I am not loving so much is trying to wrap my head around how to set the site up how I want. Not surprisingly I guess since technology is not really my strong point.

But onwards and upwards I say. So fingers crossed it all gets a little less clunky and more smooth as I learn what I am actually doing.

What I have learnt through the writing and planning that I have been doing is that ‘Climbing 2 Contentment’ is actually three fold. It is:

  1. Dealing with my depression and anxiety through medications and therapies.
  2. Experimenting and implementing a slow living lifestyle into our family.
  3. Reducing the stigma around mental health and increasing services, especially to those in regional areas of South Australia.

So that is my goal this week, to try and set the site up to better reflect those three areas and to be more user friendly.

I have some other fun things to look forward to as well. I have some plants ready to be put in the ground, I have my Mum coming over for a visit, I am going to be attending a two day Sustainable Mental Health Conference in Port Lincoln and then not quite so much fun some sheep work.

Hopefully we get a bit more rain as that always lifts the spirits of the locals. The few mils we had this morning isn’t enough to get the crops bombing ahead unfortunately. But there is not much we can do about the weather so lets focus on something  we can improve.

This week lets think about something we can do ourselves to look after our mental health. It could be anything. I am going to get back into meditation and will report back later in the week. I would love to hear what you decide to do.  It could be taking 10 mins to yourself to enjoy a hot cup of tea, going for a walk, calling a friend for a chat, reading a book, lying on the grass and watching the clouds. Oh I’m excited now. Let me know how you go.

Love and Peace




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